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  • Insuring Your Classic British Car

    Owning a vintage car is a dream that a lot of people have, whether it be for recreation, hobby or just to have one. Along with this dream comes a lot of work and responsibility, including finding the proper insurance for your classic car. Luckily, there are specialty plans that are specific to the needs of a classic car owner.

    Collector's insurance is a special policy that is often times better and less expensive than a regular car insurance policy. The coverage is based on an "agreed value", meaning that you and your insurance provider establish an amount for the replacement cost of your car. This is often times cheaper than the "actual cash value" used on regular policies. Also, the deductibles for specialty policies is usually lower and in some cases, there is not a deductible at all.

    Before selecting the type of policy you want for your British car, make sure to shop around for the best prices and coverage. In addition, you should remember that in order to get all of the benefits of collector car insurance, there are a few restrictions. These restrictions are as follows:

    1) Age restrictions- most specialty auto insurers require policy holders to be 25
    2) Driving record- in most cases, you must have no moving violations or car accidents for three years prior to applying for a policy
    3) Current insurance- because vintage cars aren't supposed to be used every day, almost every collector car insurer requires proof of a registered, insured car for every day use
    4) Storage- when not in use, your car must be stored in a locked garage or other secure facility
    5) Mileage restrictions- most specialty auto insurers restrict the amount of mileage (usually to 1,000-5,000 miles annually)

  • We’ve Got You Covered For Most Common European Car Replacement Parts

    ZZ3B377F7E.jpgWhat are some of the most common parts that need to be replaced with a car? If you are an owner of a beloved European car, you have undoubtedly become more than just a casual car owner. Most likely it has become a true love affair, and you have learned important details about your car, even becoming somewhat of a mechanic—at least in limited ways.

    If your car is consuming more gas than it has normally, it is most likely signaling for some maintenance help. Your prized automobile may need some replacement parts, as to be expected with any car during its life span.

    According to recent automotive article, here are the most common car parts (domestic and international) that need replacements:

    • The speedometer cable is one of the auto parts that are most commonly replaced. When this cable breaks the speedometer goes crazy and does not stop constantly going in circles.
    • Shock absorbers also need changing when there is a rattling noise coming from the car when it is standing in motion.
    • Windshield wiper: stops working due to wear and tear and needs replacement, sometimes the wipers are attacked by big birds they pull off the rubber from underneath hence they need to be replaced.
    • Brakes: when brakes do not work right it is advisable to pull up the hand brake and not drive the car unless they are repaired, the best way to check your brakes is to check them every morning while you turn the car on, when the car is still in neutral mode, just press the brake pad and check if it feel the same pressure or is it loose.
    • Rear view glass: – We store bikes, baseball kits, soccer stuff everything possible in the boot. If a golf ball hits hard the rare view glass can smash. My golf clubs have been responsible for constantly banging on the rear window and cracking it, when it cracks the glass just powders down and it is difficult to clean it so they are also replaced many times in many cases.

    At British Parts Northwest, we have taken our years of experience of European cars and stock what most common replacement parts are for your British baby. What sets us apart from other European car part companies, is that we actually stock what we sell. So whether it is a common replacement part such as a water pump, ignition rotor, steering lock assembly, brake hose, or turn switch or a more specialized part such as a replacement convertible top or exhaust system, we have you covered. If you see the part on our website, all you need to do is click on it, pay, and then know that the part will be on its way so you can get your favorite car up and going in the condition you seek right away. Our motto is, “Big enough to serve, small enough to care about your British car.”

  • Specials and Discounts Offered on Our Social Media Sites

    If you are a British car owner, hopefully you have connected with British Parts Northwest as a place where you can get car parts and service for your beloved European automobile. But did you know that you can also get additional savings and check out our latest promotions or savings by “liking” our page on Facebook as well?

    ZZ7A237425.jpgOur motto is offering lowest prices with a specialized staff to make every customer a preferred customer. We know that your British car is to be cherished, and making sure your car has the parts it needs to keep it running in performance ready condition is a priority.

    What makes us different than other British car parts businesses is that what we sell is in stock. We take great pride that we have what we advertise, so there is no third party involved when you order a part. It goes straight from our warehouse to your preferred delivery site. Guaranteed! We’ve heard stories of people who order parts that are never delivered or parts that suddenly become “unavailable” or even “back-ordered” when the part is purchased. Our pledge to you is that if we have it on our website, then we really do have it in stock!

    Our Facebook page is also a way to ask questions, join the camaraderie of joining with others who are restoring British cars as well, and having fun with contests we run sometimes for chances to win additional savings off! We also feature videos and helpful hints to make your restoration experience more successful! We hope to be a company you choose to do business with when your car needs parts. After all, we went in business because of our love of British cars and our experience in knowing what is needed for restorations or general upkeep.

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