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  • How to Troubleshoot your British Car

    What do you do if you can't get your classic car started? In this video Travis explores several different ways to find the issue if your car isn't starting.

    First, check to see if you actually have gas in the car. You'll want to physically check this rather than rely on the gas gauge.

    If that is not the problem Travis then takes you through the next steps on how to find the issue that is keeping the car from starting. When you find the issue that is keeping your car from starting up it's likely you will need a new part and we've got the solution to that problem as well!

    At BP Northwest we've got thousands of parts in stock and ready to ship. Whether you are running an Austin Healey, Land Rover, Triumph, or one of the popular MG models we've got the parts you need. Even better is that you can get free shipping on all orders over $750.

    Find more videos from BP Northwest on our YouTube Channel or you can chat with us directly on our Facebook Page.

    Good luck and enjoy the ride!

  • Changing the Oil in Your Classic British Car (Video)

    Since 1983 British Parts Northwest has been dedicated to providing a wide range of new and used car parts. The way we provide our customers access to our huge catalog of parts has changed over the years, but one thing has remained the same, we offer low prices while maintaining prompt, fast, and courteous service.

    As thousands of viewers have discovered, we have a large collection of YouTube how-to videos. In our most recent video, Travis discusses oil, oil weights, oil additives, and oil filters. About halfway though the video he guides you through an oil change on his Spitfire. The video also discusses products like Brad Penn Oil, standard oil, partial synthetic and full synthetic oils as well as examining Wix filters and additives like ZDDP, Marvel Mystery Oil, Sea Foam, Slick 50.

    We've embedded the video below, but if you want to get the videos as soon as they are released, we encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel on our British Parts Northwest YouTube Channel page.

    Thanks for watching. You can also find us on our Facebook Page where we discuss many different issues concerning British cars and their ongoing maintenance.

  • How To Buy a Triumph Spitfire

    Buying a classic car isn't the same thing as buying a used car from your local dealer. There are many things to consider and for today's blog post, we'll focus on buying a Triumph Spitfire.

    Before we begin, I want to encourage our readers to leave us their comments. Let us know your thoughts on how you found the perfect car, whether it was restored or it needed work.

    1. Hobby or Joy Ride?
      If you are interested in restoring the car yourself, know that you are purchasing a hobby, not a car. It will take a lot of time and commitment to return the car to its original condition. If you are looking for a car that has already been restored by someone else keep in mind that Spitfires will break down, so be prepared for repair costs.
    2. Research
      A great paint job and new shiny seats can hide the rust underneath. So before you start looking at cars, do your research. Know what you are looking for and what model you want. A person that knows a lot about classic cars can easily pitch you a line about the car and unless you are prepared, you might fall for the sales pitch.
    3. Check with Local Clubs
      Find a local classic car club in your area. Make a few phone calls and ask questions. The clubs are formed by people that love cars, so at least a few people will be happy to talk to you about finding the right car and may have a few suggestions where you can find one.
    4. Consult a Professional
      Once you find a great car it's a good idea to let a vehicle appraiser take a look at the car. This might be something to ask about at the local car club. Obviously, if the car needs repair it will be cheaper, but if it has already been restored a few easy checks will give a lot of insight into the car's true condition.
    5. Vehicle History Report
      Used car reports can be performed on classic cars as well, assuming it has been driven in recent history, and it can fill in a lot of holes in understanding that specific car's history.
    6. Car Parts
      After the purchase has been made and you need to find parts for your new Triumph Spitfire, check out BP Northwest for a huge selection of new and used parts. Finding car parts doesn't have to be difficult and BP Northwest makes classic car restoration easy.

    Other aspects of buying a classic car that also apply to purchasing a modern vehicle are:

    • Finding a car with full service records is preferred.
    • Rare means it will be more expensive, including parts.
    • Drive the car before you buy it, but you already knew that.
    • Make sure the VIN matches the number on the car's title.

    Thanks for reading and good luck!

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