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  • Timeline of the Austin Healey Sprite

    The Austin Healey is one of the many British cars that we carry hundreds of parts for. Production on the Austin Healey began in 1952 and there were several different models, including the Sprite. Today's blog will feature the Sprite, a compact, open sports car, which was introduced in 1958.

    1958- Production began on the Sprite Mark I, a small car with "bugeye" headlights and a distinctive front style.There were 48,987 Mark Is made in 3 years.

    1961- Production on the Mark I ceased and began on the Mark II. The Mark II had the same size of engine as the Mark I, but offered more power and a drastically different body style. There were 31,665 Mark IIs made in a duration of 3 years.

    1964- The Mark II production came to an end and production began on the Mark III. The Mark III was slightly larger in size compared to the I and II and also boasted a larger engine (1098cc). There were 25,905 Mark IIIs made in 2 years.

    1966- Production on the Mark III ended and began on the Sprite Mark IV. The Mark IV was the longest produced of the Sprites (1965-1971) but had the least amount of models made, at 22,790. It was very similar in body style to the Mark III, but had a much larger engine of 1275cc.

    1971- The Healey connection was discontinued, leaving the last 1,022 models named the Austin Sprite. Production on the Sprite also ceased this year.

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  • We're Here to Support Your British Car Restoration!

    Our company revolves around having love for restoring British cars and we are here to support the love that you all have for British cars as well! In order to provide this support, we not only offer thousands of parts for Triumph, MG, Jaguar and Austin Healey, but we also provide you with educational material to ease the process of taking care of your car.

    A main concern for British car owners right now is how to winterize their vehicle for the winter. Luckily, we put together a blog for you last year that will take you through each step to do so! See those steps here: How To Winterize Your Classic British Car

    We have put together several tutorial videos that will walk you through the process of taking care of maintenance issues that you may come across. You can view these videos on our YouTube channel.

    Last but not least, we also offer social media platforms through Facebook and Twitter in which you can contact us with questions, comments, concerns or just to tell us about the journey that you've had with your own British car!

  • British Cars in the Movies

    In last week's blog, we celebrated the anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise and this week we thought we would continue the theme and showcase other movies that have featured British cars. British cars have been featured in movies for years now and they continue to be seen in newer movies as well. Here are a few of our favorites:

    Austin Powers- International Man of Mystery featured a Jaguar E-Type that was patriotically painted with the Union Jack flag, like the one below.

    Another recent movie to boast a British car was Get Smart, which was based off of the 1960s TV series. In the movie, Steve Carrell drives an orange Sunbeam Tiger.

    In 2003's The Italian Job, you will see many British cars. While most of the publicity came to the three Mini Cooper S in the movie (similar to the one below), there was also Jaguar E-Types, an Aston Martin DB4 and a Land Rover Series IIa station wagon.

    If you have any favorite movies with British cars, we'd love to hear about it! Comment below or share with us on our Facebook page!

    At British Parts Northwest, we stock and sell parts and accessories for your beloved Austin Healey, Jaguar, Land Rover, MG, Mini or Triumph.

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  • How to Troubleshoot your British Car

    What do you do if you can't get your classic car started? In this video Travis explores several different ways to find the issue if your car isn't starting.

    First, check to see if you actually have gas in the car. You'll want to physically check this rather than rely on the gas gauge.

    If that is not the problem Travis then takes you through the next steps on how to find the issue that is keeping the car from starting. When you find the issue that is keeping your car from starting up it's likely you will need a new part and we've got the solution to that problem as well!

    At BP Northwest we've got thousands of parts in stock and ready to ship. Whether you are running an Austin Healey, Land Rover, Triumph, or one of the popular MG models we've got the parts you need. Even better is that you can get free shipping on all orders over $750.

    Find more videos from BP Northwest on our YouTube Channel or you can chat with us directly on our Facebook Page.

    Good luck and enjoy the ride!

  • British Parts Northwest Blog

    Hello and welcome to the new British Parts Blog. For our first post, we thought that we would lay out our aspirations for this blog. There is no doubt that we are passionate about British cars and want to do our best to help you keep them on the road. Not only are we going to use this blog to show you the latest and greatest but we also want to use it as a tech forum. So, if you are having trouble with your British car and need someone to talk you through a fix, then this is the place for you. If it is a common problem then we will also get the repair on film and show you, step by step, how to repair your car. Your car is our obsession, we look forward to helping you fix and improve your car for the years to come.

    Thanks again from all of us here at British Parts Northwest.


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