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  • [Video] Cruisin' Through Deer Creek Canyon in my Spitfire!

    Hey guys, it's Travis the BP guy. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I took my 1972 Triumph Spitfire out for a ride in Deer Creek Canyon, Southwest of Denver, CO. It was a wonderful and beautiful drive and I just wanted to share a video of it with all of our favorite customers! Enjoy!

  • Why We Love Austin-Healeys

    The glamour of an Austin-Healey remains a love affair for those of us who adore this style of British sports car. Since its original debut in 1952, and then to the much-loved “frog-eyed’ Sprite in 1958, enthusiasts have adored their cars. Although Austin-Healeys were built in Great Britain, they were designed to appeal to Americans. In fact, 89 percent of their cars were exported to the U.S., where they are cherished. While 1972 marked the last year Austin-Healey ceased building cars, it is still exciting to see them on the roadways and raceways today.

    ZZ447782B0.jpgAlong with parts for other treasured British cars, we stock products for Austin-Healeys and also for the later Sprite-Midgets. Featured AH products range from simple and inexpensive ignition rotors and transmission mounts to master cylinder brakes, 6-cylinder clutch slave cylinders and cam bearing sets.

    We also have braking components, carburetion fuel systems, clutch components, cooling systems, cylinder heat components, drive trains, engine and interior electrical components, 4- and 6-cylinder engine components, performance parts, steering and suspension, and even tops and covers for your British baby.

    At British Parts Northwest, we are proud of being a family-owned and operated business that stocks what we sell. If you’ve ever looked for parts for your British car, you know that isn’t always the case. We are not a parts locator service; rather we stock parts, accessories, and even apparel so you can be sure you have your car road ready when you are.

    We also invite you to “like” our Facebook page and post your proud photos and be among the first to know of any specials and offers. Our goal is to make every customer a preferred customer and to share the love our beautiful British cars.

  • Jaguar E-Type Vehicles Among Most Coveted Beauties

    There are too many European sports cars that are considered the all-time classics to pinpoint just one. Sleek designs, high performance, interior beauty, and legendary power and racing abilities have made us fans of various models, although certain loyalties or favorites typically prevail. Many Americans have a huge adoration of Jaquars, and specifically with the E-type vehicles. The E-types, also known as XK-E, were manufactured between 1961 and 1975 and considered an icon of British classics.

    ZZ0E1D3AC4.jpgIt was initially designed and shown as a rear-wheel drive two-seater coupe and as a convertible, with the 2+2 version being released later. More than 70,000 E-types were sold during its lifespan, and many have been lovingly restored to their original (or better) glory! And, it’s no surprise at all, since numerous British car enthusiasts and reviews touted it as one of the “most beautiful” cars ever made!

    If you are one with a passion for an E-type and are lucky enough to own one of these beauties, then you will love our in-stock availability for parts that will maintain its beauty for years to come! At British Parts Northwest, we stock what we sell, and sell direct from us to your door! We aren’t the middleman; we stock parts for the most classic and beloved European cars. Our website lets you easily and conveniently choose the part you need and then place your order with the knowledge that it will be delivered to you directly within days!

    One of our featured cars we have in-stock parts for is indeed the Jaguar E-type. We have products for the body, mechanical and trim, braking components, carburetion fuel system, clutch, cooling system, drive train, exhaust, and more. We also feature performance parts, steering and suspension, cylinder head components, and basically most any part you will need or want for your ride.

    Of course, if Jaguar E-type isn’t your love, we have parts for other top classic British cars as well. We are big enough to serve, yet small enough to care about your British car. And for a limited time, we offer free shipping on all orders over $750! Get your car ready for the ultimate riding season that is coming soon!

  • Overcoming the Hurdle of Finding British Car Parts

    Ask almost any British car owner about why they love their car, and you will undoubtedly hear an answer of pure adoration. British car owners typically love their vehicles because of the sleek designs, high performance, and top quality. Ask them about what they don’t like about having their car, however, and most will answer that finding replacement parts can be a huge challenge at times.

    ZZ6A38D62F.jpgClassic British cars are still revered by a great number of enthusiasts, and stories of searching salvage places and discarded vehicles often results in getting components or parts that are either defective to begin with or have a very short life span. The hunt for a part can be long and expensive when pursuing parts this way, with no guaranteed outcome. The result is extreme frustration, especially when your beloved car isn’t able to be taken out for a drive.

    That’s where we come in. British Parts Northwest is a family owned business with parts—including many hard-to-find ones—for your beloved European ride. We started our business with a love for British cars and then going through the experience of finding parts to keep them performance and ride ready.

    The difference between us and many other British parts companies is that we actually stock what we sell. There is no third-party. We feature products that are ones on the most needed lists with British cars, and we have them ready to be shipped directly. Our website showcases our featured products while enabling our customers to easily search for specific products by model/make or in general. If there is a part you are seeking that isn’t on our site, contact us and we will see if we can secure that for you as well.

    With Spring quickly approaching, it’s time to get your car ride-ready so can fall in love with your vehicle all over again. For a limited time, we are offering free shipping on orders over $750.

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