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  • History of The Triumph Spitfire

    The Triumph Spitfire production began in 1962 with the Mark 1 and the popularity continued over a decade, ending in 1980. There were over 314 thousand built, but today only a fraction of those remain in working order.

    Triumph Spitfire 4, Mark I

    While the Mark 1 was first introduced in 1962, the car first sold in the US one year later. A top speed of 92mph and 0-60 in 17.3 seconds caused quite a stir in the early 60's for such an inexpensive sports car.

    Triumph Spitfire 4, Mark II

    The Mk2 was introduced in March of 1965 with a slightly more powerful engine, carpet flooring, and a trim topping the exposed metal on the inner door tops.

    Triumph Spitfire, Mark III

    In early 1967 the third edition hit the market with a 1,296cc engine and a new, much improved folding softtop.

    Triumph Spitfire, Mark IV

    1970 saw the introduction of the Mark IV, a very different look from previous models. Along with the changes to the car, the new model also saw the most production with over 70,000 built.

    Triumph Spitfire 1500

    Finally, in 1973 the world was introduced to the 1500 with a 1,493cc engine. By the eighties bad products and bad management led to a troubled company British Leyland. The Triumph brand name is today owned by BMW, along with other famous names like Riley, Wolseley, Morris and Austin.



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