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  • Powering Up Your British Car

    A top reason that continues to draw a loyal fan base to European cars is the love of a great, high performance drive. People love the maneuverability and power combined with strong, sleek designs that just aren’t found in American cars. And regardless of the style of British car you own, finding ways to get more power is a common question we get.

    Before you tweak your British baby with performance upgrades, know that that adding to one area of the engine may mean changes need to be made elsewhere to ensure overall reliability in the long run.


    According to a recent survey made in Spitfire GT6 magazine, here are the upgrades readers have typically done to increase the power of their Spitfire:

    • 26 percent - Headers/Exhaust to allow air to move out of the engine faster.
    • 22 percent - Carburetors to allow air to move into the engine faster.
    • 17 percent - Engine Swap going to larger engines that already have more horsepower.
    • 8 percent - Hot Cam to help the valves bring in and expel more air.
    • 6 percent - High Compression Pistons to increase the size of the "bang".
    • 6 percent - Electronic Ignition/Hot Coil to help the spark (that causes the bang) happen more cleanly and larger.
    • 4 percent K&N Air Filter - allow air to move into of the engine faster.
    • 4 percent Other (Added Overdrive, Supercharger, Disconnected Intake Manifold Heating)
    • 3 percent- Tune Up to help engine perform as it was designed for.
    • 3 percent - Mill (skim) the heads to increase compression
    • 1 percent - Electric Fan reduces the load that the belt driven fan creates on the engine.

    At British Parts Northwest, we stock what we sell, so you can get the parts you want sold directly from us and delivered to your door. If you have questions about your Spitfire or ANY of the classic British cars we support, contact us and we can help you with information so that you can the parts you need and performance you expect.

  • Why We Love Austin-Healeys

    The glamour of an Austin-Healey remains a love affair for those of us who adore this style of British sports car. Since its original debut in 1952, and then to the much-loved “frog-eyed’ Sprite in 1958, enthusiasts have adored their cars. Although Austin-Healeys were built in Great Britain, they were designed to appeal to Americans. In fact, 89 percent of their cars were exported to the U.S., where they are cherished. While 1972 marked the last year Austin-Healey ceased building cars, it is still exciting to see them on the roadways and raceways today.

    ZZ447782B0.jpgAlong with parts for other treasured British cars, we stock products for Austin-Healeys and also for the later Sprite-Midgets. Featured AH products range from simple and inexpensive ignition rotors and transmission mounts to master cylinder brakes, 6-cylinder clutch slave cylinders and cam bearing sets.

    We also have braking components, carburetion fuel systems, clutch components, cooling systems, cylinder heat components, drive trains, engine and interior electrical components, 4- and 6-cylinder engine components, performance parts, steering and suspension, and even tops and covers for your British baby.

    At British Parts Northwest, we are proud of being a family-owned and operated business that stocks what we sell. If you’ve ever looked for parts for your British car, you know that isn’t always the case. We are not a parts locator service; rather we stock parts, accessories, and even apparel so you can be sure you have your car road ready when you are.

    We also invite you to “like” our Facebook page and post your proud photos and be among the first to know of any specials and offers. Our goal is to make every customer a preferred customer and to share the love our beautiful British cars.

  • British Part Specials

    Over the years we, at British Parts Northwest, have been developing new and more reliable ignition products with the TrueSpark Ignition brand.  The latest development with TrueSpark is a high output Sports Coil.


    Sports Coil TrueSpark

    With the TrueSpark brand Sports coil you get the same gold color, same output (40,000 volts) and the same stability at high rpms as other sports coil but at a great price.  This coil is made to work with all Non-Ballasted (12 Volt) British cars, and comes with a new bracket too. Keep your car running strong this summer with solid ignition products from TrueSpark.

    Our second money saver is for the Triumph TR4A, TR250 and TR6.  With our buying power we have secured a great deal on clutch release bearing collars and clutch release bearings.

    Release Bearing and Collar TR4A-TR6

    To pass this along and made it easy on you we have a kit that includes the clutch release bearing, collar and roll pin, all put together.  This saves you time and money. No more worries about bending or breaking your new collar while pressing on your release bearing.

    As always if you have any questions about any of these items or any other items on our web site simple reply to this email and we will get them answered for you.  Also don't forget to check out our new videos on YouTube. Most recently, we've uploaded a video about installing a carpet kit in your British car.

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