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  • Spitfire in the Movies and Other Interesting Car Facts

    It's no surprise that movies and TV have featured the Spitfire many times, it's a great looking car! Using the great resources from Spitfire and GT6 Magazine, we've put together a list of interesting facts about the Spitfire as seen on TV and in the theater.

    Spitfires in the Movies

    • All American Murder - With Christopher Walken and Charlie Schlatter. When Charlie Schlatter visits his girl the first time, in front of the girl's fraternity house you can see a passing Spitfire MkIV or 1500, red.
    • Life is Sweet, TV - a satiric look at family life in London. Portly restaurateur drives Spitfire.
    • Monty Python's and now for something completely different - A white Triumph Spitfire (Mk2) is used during the "upper class twit of the year" competition in which the bowler wearing twit is required to start the car and reverse over the cardboard cut-out of an old woman.
    • Police Academy - There was a spitfire playing a very important role. the drill sergeant was driving through the streets on a motor-cycle, and hit a spitfire from the side, after which he flew head-first into the behind of a horse.
    • Ssssssss - One of the students on the campus drove a blue 1976 Spitfire.
    • Up in smoke - uses 2 triumph spitfires in background footage.
    • Woodstock - there is a spitfire that appears in the Woodstock movie. When they show footage of the massive line of cars stuck in traffic, they slowly pan over an early spitfire with the driver inside waiting to get to woodstock. It is red.
    • The Wraith - A yellow Spitfire 1500 appears in the 1988 movie starring Charlie Sheen, Sharelyn Fenn and Randy Quaid. The car is featured in several scenes, usually parked outside the drive-in restaurant.
    • Young Lovers - starring Peter Fonda and he drives a white Spitfire.

    Famous Spitfire Owners

    • Actor Nicolas Cage's first car was a Spitfire. (Photo above) "I had a Triumph Spitfire," says Cage, 36. "It was a beautiful little roadster in a faded yellow. But it also needed a lot of work. I couldn't get it registered, so I would sit in my car in the garage and pretend I was driving to the beach with the sun in my face. But the only light was this tiny bulb overhead," Although he finally got the car registered, Cage eventually gave up his wheels. "I found out this car was going to break down every single week," he says. But persistence triumphed in the end. "I found that car again a year ago and I bought it," he says. "I wanted it to know that it didn't get the best of me."
    • Uri Geller - famous spoon-bending, mind-control artist of the 70's.
    • Joyce Hoffman -  world champion surfer of the 60's.
    • Lizzie West - soon to be famous Warner Bros. musician owns a 1977 Spitfire 1500.

    Spitfire Trivia

    • The Spitfire's code name during development was "the bomb".
    • According to Hemmings Motor News, the Spitfire's 24 feet turning circle is the shortest distance of any production car built.
    • In the 70's an print advertisement featured a Spitfire car in front of the Spitfire airplane. The ad was not successful due to the fact most looked at the plane instead of the car.

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