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  • We're Here to Support Your British Car Restoration!

    Our company revolves around having love for restoring British cars and we are here to support the love that you all have for British cars as well! In order to provide this support, we not only offer thousands of parts for Triumph, MG, Jaguar and Austin Healey, but we also provide you with educational material to ease the process of taking care of your car.

    A main concern for British car owners right now is how to winterize their vehicle for the winter. Luckily, we put together a blog for you last year that will take you through each step to do so! See those steps here: How To Winterize Your Classic British Car

    We have put together several tutorial videos that will walk you through the process of taking care of maintenance issues that you may come across. You can view these videos on our YouTube channel.

    Last but not least, we also offer social media platforms through Facebook and Twitter in which you can contact us with questions, comments, concerns or just to tell us about the journey that you've had with your own British car!

  • Our Favorite Facebook Fan Photos-Fall Edition

    We here at BP Northwest love our Facebook fans. They are devout customers and they do a fantastic job of helping us share our love for British cars. In order to show them a little appreciation, we have selected a few of their photos that they have shared with us in order to highlight them in a fall edition photo album. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!

    This orange beauty, a '75  MG Midget was shared with us by Tim Howard.







    Dianne Paquette refers to these gorgeous cars as her "twin Jags". We love how they look in a lovely fall setting!








    This 1963 Morris Mini Cooper was shared with us by Kevin King. Here is the background of the car that he included with the photo: The first year of the "S". 1071 engine used for that year only... they made about 900 of them. Mine had a factory conversion with full wood interior, roll up windows, sunroof, etc.







    Trevor Robertson shared this photo of his fall colored 74.5 MGB in Banff, Alberta.








    If you would like to see more photos shared by our fans or would like to share some of your own, please visit our Facebook page! You never know, you might just see your photo show up in our blog someday too!

  • Why We Love Our Land Rovers

    Land Rovers often require frequent mechanical tweaking and maintenance, yet they continue to maintain a huge fan base and support that continues to make them a beloved British car. For many people, the Land Rover dedication is a bit puzzling. But why is there a steadfast, broad appeal of the vehicles?

    ZZ3FB16433.jpgThe Land Rover was created for utility, serving both military and farmer, and was built to be able to go anywhere and do practically anything. Now, it has evolved in to a high-end luxury vehicle. But while it is considered a classic car icon for some, you can still find Land Rovers performing efficiently in the military, rural landscapes, and on adventure outings. For its ability to go rugged and look nice at the same time, Land Rovers continue to get a vote of confidence and approval from their drivers.

    At British Parts Northwest, we understand the devotion to Land Rovers, and because of that, stock up on parts and accessories for owners that feel the love with them. We have a variety of featured products for Series I-III, Defender, Discovery, and Range Rover.

    Of course, we sell for other British car classics as well, including Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG, Mini, and Triumph. And, unlike many British car parts businesses, we stock what we sell. that means if you see it, we have it, and we can ship it out to you asap.

    Check out our offerings and our prices, and how we can help keep your prized baby ready for show or performance.

  • We’ve Got You Covered For Most Common European Car Replacement Parts

    ZZ3B377F7E.jpgWhat are some of the most common parts that need to be replaced with a car? If you are an owner of a beloved European car, you have undoubtedly become more than just a casual car owner. Most likely it has become a true love affair, and you have learned important details about your car, even becoming somewhat of a mechanic—at least in limited ways.

    If your car is consuming more gas than it has normally, it is most likely signaling for some maintenance help. Your prized automobile may need some replacement parts, as to be expected with any car during its life span.

    According to recent automotive article, here are the most common car parts (domestic and international) that need replacements:

    • The speedometer cable is one of the auto parts that are most commonly replaced. When this cable breaks the speedometer goes crazy and does not stop constantly going in circles.
    • Shock absorbers also need changing when there is a rattling noise coming from the car when it is standing in motion.
    • Windshield wiper: stops working due to wear and tear and needs replacement, sometimes the wipers are attacked by big birds they pull off the rubber from underneath hence they need to be replaced.
    • Brakes: when brakes do not work right it is advisable to pull up the hand brake and not drive the car unless they are repaired, the best way to check your brakes is to check them every morning while you turn the car on, when the car is still in neutral mode, just press the brake pad and check if it feel the same pressure or is it loose.
    • Rear view glass: – We store bikes, baseball kits, soccer stuff everything possible in the boot. If a golf ball hits hard the rare view glass can smash. My golf clubs have been responsible for constantly banging on the rear window and cracking it, when it cracks the glass just powders down and it is difficult to clean it so they are also replaced many times in many cases.

    At British Parts Northwest, we have taken our years of experience of European cars and stock what most common replacement parts are for your British baby. What sets us apart from other European car part companies, is that we actually stock what we sell. So whether it is a common replacement part such as a water pump, ignition rotor, steering lock assembly, brake hose, or turn switch or a more specialized part such as a replacement convertible top or exhaust system, we have you covered. If you see the part on our website, all you need to do is click on it, pay, and then know that the part will be on its way so you can get your favorite car up and going in the condition you seek right away. Our motto is, “Big enough to serve, small enough to care about your British car.”

  • We’ve Got You and Your British Car Covered

    Love your British car? We do too! In fact, a love of British cars is the exact reason we have gone into business. As more and more car parts stores are tailoring only to the masses, we want to preserve our love of cars that you don’t see every second on the roadway. And our goal is to provide parts so that you can choose to drive your beloved car whenever you choose, and get the parts you need easily and without a hassle or paying too much as well!


    At British Parts Northwest, we stock what we sell and ship directly from us to your door. Not only do we have parts for your European vehicle, but we have apparel and accessories and specials too. Check out our overstock specials for your Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG and Triumph on our site right now. Currently, and only for a limited time, we are offering free shipping on all orders over $750.

    We also encourage you to subscribe to our e-newsletter so you can be among the first to hear of our promotions, coupons and news. Simply add your email to our site on our homepage and you’re on our list for news you won’t want to miss! We also hope you’ll add us to your Facebook as well as another way to stay connected!

    See for yourself how easy our website is to use. Our tabs let your select your vehicle and then view our featured products and components you need. If you don’t see what you want, contact us and let us see if we can make it happen for you! We are big enough to serve, but small enough to care about your British Car at British Parts Northwest!

  • Defining the Allure of a British Car

    What is the allure of a British car? Well, for any European car own, the answers are so obvious that they may be perplexed you would even need to ask? The sleek styling, unique body, performance, quality, prestige, and even the novelty of owning a British car are all reasons cited. The one downside occasionally cited, however, is finding parts.


    Many service centers stock only the most common parts, making it a challenge for some British car owners to find the parts they need when they need it. But no longer. BP Parts Northwest understands that. That’s why we are in business. As British car lovers ourselves, our motto is, “Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care about Your British Car.”

    Our online catalog includes overstock specials, apparel and accessories, new parts, hard-to-find parts, and we have categorized our offerings into easy-to-search lists. We make online ordering easy. But perhaps the best part is that we actually stock what we sell, so the item you need is shipped directly from us to your door. While some foreign car parts businesses are actually just a “locator” service and charge a mark-up to serve only as a middle-man, we maintain our stock. So, once you place an order, you can be confident it is actually on its way!

    For a limited time only, we are also offering free shipping on all orders over $750. Check out our website and review our featured products for your beloved vehicle. Whether it is a convertible top for your TR7 or TR8, or simply a brake hose for your MGB or Rear Sprite Midget, we have you covered. We feel confident that once you order from us the first time, you’ll become a loyal customer!

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