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  • Insuring Your Classic British Car

    Owning a vintage car is a dream that a lot of people have, whether it be for recreation, hobby or just to have one. Along with this dream comes a lot of work and responsibility, including finding the proper insurance for your classic car. Luckily, there are specialty plans that are specific to the needs of a classic car owner.

    Collector's insurance is a special policy that is often times better and less expensive than a regular car insurance policy. The coverage is based on an "agreed value", meaning that you and your insurance provider establish an amount for the replacement cost of your car. This is often times cheaper than the "actual cash value" used on regular policies. Also, the deductibles for specialty policies is usually lower and in some cases, there is not a deductible at all.

    Before selecting the type of policy you want for your British car, make sure to shop around for the best prices and coverage. In addition, you should remember that in order to get all of the benefits of collector car insurance, there are a few restrictions. These restrictions are as follows:

    1) Age restrictions- most specialty auto insurers require policy holders to be 25
    2) Driving record- in most cases, you must have no moving violations or car accidents for three years prior to applying for a policy
    3) Current insurance- because vintage cars aren't supposed to be used every day, almost every collector car insurer requires proof of a registered, insured car for every day use
    4) Storage- when not in use, your car must be stored in a locked garage or other secure facility
    5) Mileage restrictions- most specialty auto insurers restrict the amount of mileage (usually to 1,000-5,000 miles annually)

  • Why We Love Our Land Rovers

    Land Rovers often require frequent mechanical tweaking and maintenance, yet they continue to maintain a huge fan base and support that continues to make them a beloved British car. For many people, the Land Rover dedication is a bit puzzling. But why is there a steadfast, broad appeal of the vehicles?

    ZZ3FB16433.jpgThe Land Rover was created for utility, serving both military and farmer, and was built to be able to go anywhere and do practically anything. Now, it has evolved in to a high-end luxury vehicle. But while it is considered a classic car icon for some, you can still find Land Rovers performing efficiently in the military, rural landscapes, and on adventure outings. For its ability to go rugged and look nice at the same time, Land Rovers continue to get a vote of confidence and approval from their drivers.

    At British Parts Northwest, we understand the devotion to Land Rovers, and because of that, stock up on parts and accessories for owners that feel the love with them. We have a variety of featured products for Series I-III, Defender, Discovery, and Range Rover.

    Of course, we sell for other British car classics as well, including Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG, Mini, and Triumph. And, unlike many British car parts businesses, we stock what we sell. that means if you see it, we have it, and we can ship it out to you asap.

    Check out our offerings and our prices, and how we can help keep your prized baby ready for show or performance.

  • Official London 2012 Summer Olympics Cars Revealed

    As hype and interest builds in the summer 2012 games being held in London, an announcement this week about the official Olympic cards has been made with great fanfare that German manufacturer BMW is loaning a 4,000-strong fleet of vehicles to the London games. The cars will be used to transport VIPs and executives between sites using Olympic-only lanes—3o miles of specially designed roads—to help speed transit between venues.

    BMW is providing diesel, hybrid and electric cars, as well as motorbikes and bicycles, for the Olympic Games in London this summer. The fleet mostly consists of 3 and 5 Series vehicles in EfficientDynamics guise, the firm's eco-focused trim.

    ZZ406520AA.jpgThe Olympic Route Network will affect large areas of London - including the Olympic Park in Stratford to the areas around the ExCeL arena and Greenwich Park. With public transport routes disrupted as a result, commuters could grind to a halt during peak times. Emergency services are not immune to the disruptions either. Ambulances will only be allowed to use the reserved roadways when on a 999 call and with the use of their blue flashing lights.

    BMW's hybrid and electric vehicles - as well as pushbikes - will help keep the inevitable rise in pollution around the games down, but will only add to the problem of congestion during the 16-day competition. Disruption to bus routes as a result of the restricted lanes won't help get people out of their cars and onto buses and will cause resentment among some in that executives and officials get chauffeur driven to Olympic venues.

    While it’s always fun to watch the Olympics details unfold, at British Parts Northwest, we are a business that has been specifically created to help you find parts for your British car. We are large enough to serve, yet small enough to care about your British car. As a result, we stock what we sell, so that items you want are in stock and sold directly from us to your door. We specialize in new parts for classic British cars Triumph, MG, Jaguar and Austin Healey at reasonable prices with fast, courteous and prompt service to the customer.

  • What is the Best Classic Car?

    What is the best classic car? That’s a loaded question, of course, and opinions vary as much as personal colors or best sports team. There are so many considerations when talking about “best” and even what is considered “classic.”

    That’s because the answer of “it depends” truly applies. Are you talking about power? Design? Mechanics? Cost? Quality? Usually, it is somewhat all of the above, and as a result, very subjective.

    According to an article in a past issue of Classic Motorsports, when asked “What is the best classic car?” not one of our enthusiasts had a ready answer. In one way or another, everyone said there are just too many to choose from. “Best classic car for what?” was usually the first response, with “What do you mean by ‘classic car’?” coming right on its heels.

    Defining some categories helped our friends get their arms around our question, but by refusing to define the term “classic car” we kept responses open-ended. The results were eclectic, to say the least.

    Nationalities represented included England, Italy, Germany, Japan and the United States. The years of production ranged from the 1934 Bugatti Type 57 through the 1979 Mazda RX-7, even with the “future classics” excluded. Current value of the picks showed a comparable range, with the least expensive—even outside the “budget” category—worth less than $5000, while the most expensive mentioned were over the million-dollar mark. Horsepower wasn’t a criterion of “best” either, with some of the favorites well under 100 and others over 500.

    Talk show host and enthusiast extraordinaire Jay Leno’s collection represents all the variety. Jay has everything from steamer to gasoline, small to large, slow to fast, and cheap to priceless poised to take him down the road. Each of the cars was beautiful in its own way: some in the sweep of their lines, and some in the craftsmanship inherent in their components. But these were not just static pieces of art.


    “It’s the mechanicalness of them that I like,” Jay said several times. “Once you’ve taken them apart and put them back together again, there’s no mystery; nothing’s hidden.” This lever pushes that valve, that spark ignites this mixture of gas and air, which pushes that cylinder to turn this gear to rotate that wheel. Sure, they’re complicated, but they can be pulled apart and understood.

    Once they are put back together and driven, Jay noted in several different ways, they almost come alive. Artistry, “mechanicalness,” and motion are the elements that link together the variety of cars selected by our friends as the best classics.

    Jay’s responses seem to define why car enthusiasts love tinkering with their cars, and British car owners have a special infinity to doing so—in part because of the preciousness of the parts—and also because they are typically more novelty when on the road.

    That’s where we come in. At British Parts Northwest, we are large enough to serve, yet small enough to care about your British car. We stock what we sell, so that items you seek are shipped directly from us to you. Check out our online catalog of parts—sorted by cars—and see how we can keep your British baby on the road and performance ready!

  • Jaguar E-Type Vehicles Among Most Coveted Beauties

    There are too many European sports cars that are considered the all-time classics to pinpoint just one. Sleek designs, high performance, interior beauty, and legendary power and racing abilities have made us fans of various models, although certain loyalties or favorites typically prevail. Many Americans have a huge adoration of Jaquars, and specifically with the E-type vehicles. The E-types, also known as XK-E, were manufactured between 1961 and 1975 and considered an icon of British classics.

    ZZ0E1D3AC4.jpgIt was initially designed and shown as a rear-wheel drive two-seater coupe and as a convertible, with the 2+2 version being released later. More than 70,000 E-types were sold during its lifespan, and many have been lovingly restored to their original (or better) glory! And, it’s no surprise at all, since numerous British car enthusiasts and reviews touted it as one of the “most beautiful” cars ever made!

    If you are one with a passion for an E-type and are lucky enough to own one of these beauties, then you will love our in-stock availability for parts that will maintain its beauty for years to come! At British Parts Northwest, we stock what we sell, and sell direct from us to your door! We aren’t the middleman; we stock parts for the most classic and beloved European cars. Our website lets you easily and conveniently choose the part you need and then place your order with the knowledge that it will be delivered to you directly within days!

    One of our featured cars we have in-stock parts for is indeed the Jaguar E-type. We have products for the body, mechanical and trim, braking components, carburetion fuel system, clutch, cooling system, drive train, exhaust, and more. We also feature performance parts, steering and suspension, cylinder head components, and basically most any part you will need or want for your ride.

    Of course, if Jaguar E-type isn’t your love, we have parts for other top classic British cars as well. We are big enough to serve, yet small enough to care about your British car. And for a limited time, we offer free shipping on all orders over $750! Get your car ready for the ultimate riding season that is coming soon!

  • Overcoming the Hurdle of Finding British Car Parts

    Ask almost any British car owner about why they love their car, and you will undoubtedly hear an answer of pure adoration. British car owners typically love their vehicles because of the sleek designs, high performance, and top quality. Ask them about what they don’t like about having their car, however, and most will answer that finding replacement parts can be a huge challenge at times.

    ZZ6A38D62F.jpgClassic British cars are still revered by a great number of enthusiasts, and stories of searching salvage places and discarded vehicles often results in getting components or parts that are either defective to begin with or have a very short life span. The hunt for a part can be long and expensive when pursuing parts this way, with no guaranteed outcome. The result is extreme frustration, especially when your beloved car isn’t able to be taken out for a drive.

    That’s where we come in. British Parts Northwest is a family owned business with parts—including many hard-to-find ones—for your beloved European ride. We started our business with a love for British cars and then going through the experience of finding parts to keep them performance and ride ready.

    The difference between us and many other British parts companies is that we actually stock what we sell. There is no third-party. We feature products that are ones on the most needed lists with British cars, and we have them ready to be shipped directly. Our website showcases our featured products while enabling our customers to easily search for specific products by model/make or in general. If there is a part you are seeking that isn’t on our site, contact us and we will see if we can secure that for you as well.

    With Spring quickly approaching, it’s time to get your car ride-ready so can fall in love with your vehicle all over again. For a limited time, we are offering free shipping on orders over $750.

  • We Help You to Overcome the Parts Hurdle

    ZZ13297D6D.jpgThe top reason usually cited by Americans for not getting a British car is concerns over part and service availability. People tell us about horror stories about trying unsuccessfully to get a part, as it seems more and more car mechanics are opting to go mainstream and choose to stock parts for only the most common of vehicles. We are quite proud to say that British cars are indeed not “common,” and these classic and fun-to-drive cars with their sleek, unique lines and performance is why people love them so. That’s where we come in.

    At British Parts Northwest, we are a family-operated business that opened our doors specifically to provide British car lovers with the ability to get parts easily and quickly so that they can drive and enjoy their car! Our motto is that we are “Large enough to serve, small enough to care about your British car.” We are not a parts locator service. Rather, we stock what we sell, and then ship directly from us to you. There is no middle-man involved. We’re in business so you can enjoy quality ride time with your European car!

    ZZ206BD9B0.jpgWe provide parts and merchandise in the following categories that are tabbed for your convenience and ease in finding your needed part: AH BN1-BJ8, TR3-4A, TR250-TR6, TR7-TR8, Spitfire-GT6, MGA, MG TC TD TF, MGB, Sprite/Midget, Jaguar E-Type, and XJ 69-97. We also sell apparel and accessories and feature overstock specials and even featured products on our homepage.

    We maintain our customers as the focus, and remembering what it was like when the owner had to search high and low for parts when originally racing Triumph Spitfires in the late 1970s. The goal of today of the business has never changed from the onset; our focus is to provide new parts for British cars, Triumph, MG, Jaguar and Austin Healey, at reasonable prices with fast, courteous, prompt service to the customer.

    By having a reliable, honest “go-to” place for parts, there’s no reason why you can’t obtain and maintain the British car of your dreams!

  • We’ve Got You and Your British Car Covered

    Love your British car? We do too! In fact, a love of British cars is the exact reason we have gone into business. As more and more car parts stores are tailoring only to the masses, we want to preserve our love of cars that you don’t see every second on the roadway. And our goal is to provide parts so that you can choose to drive your beloved car whenever you choose, and get the parts you need easily and without a hassle or paying too much as well!


    At British Parts Northwest, we stock what we sell and ship directly from us to your door. Not only do we have parts for your European vehicle, but we have apparel and accessories and specials too. Check out our overstock specials for your Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG and Triumph on our site right now. Currently, and only for a limited time, we are offering free shipping on all orders over $750.

    We also encourage you to subscribe to our e-newsletter so you can be among the first to hear of our promotions, coupons and news. Simply add your email to our site on our homepage and you’re on our list for news you won’t want to miss! We also hope you’ll add us to your Facebook as well as another way to stay connected!

    See for yourself how easy our website is to use. Our tabs let your select your vehicle and then view our featured products and components you need. If you don’t see what you want, contact us and let us see if we can make it happen for you! We are big enough to serve, but small enough to care about your British Car at British Parts Northwest!

  • Gift Certificates Now Available!

    It's the time of year when you show the people that you love the most just how much you treasure them. It is a season of giving. The most stressful part is finding something that your loved ones actually want. Today, just about everything is at the click of a mouse, so how do you choose what to give that special man in my life what he wants this Christmas? We've got just the answer.

    That's right, for the first time ever, you can now give a gift certificate from British Parts Northwest directly through our website! We offer gift cards starting at $10 all the way up to a very generate $250! Plus, you can get the gift certificate personalized. During check out simply put the individual's name that you would like the certificate to be written to in the Comments Section.

    Whether you've got a hardcore British car expert in the family or just a hobbyist, British Parts Northwest can supply the parts they need. We stock what we sell and we ship it directly from us to your door.

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