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  • We're Here to Support Your British Car Restoration!

    Our company revolves around having love for restoring British cars and we are here to support the love that you all have for British cars as well! In order to provide this support, we not only offer thousands of parts for Triumph, MG, Jaguar and Austin Healey, but we also provide you with educational material to ease the process of taking care of your car.

    A main concern for British car owners right now is how to winterize their vehicle for the winter. Luckily, we put together a blog for you last year that will take you through each step to do so! See those steps here: How To Winterize Your Classic British Car

    We have put together several tutorial videos that will walk you through the process of taking care of maintenance issues that you may come across. You can view these videos on our YouTube channel.

    Last but not least, we also offer social media platforms through Facebook and Twitter in which you can contact us with questions, comments, concerns or just to tell us about the journey that you've had with your own British car!

  • Product Reviews, Feedback Welcomed on Our New Website


    Calling all British car lovers! If you haven’t checked out our website recently, take another look now. We think you will be happy with what you see as we are constantly improving our services!

    We have updated our website to make it more inviting and easier to find parts for your beloved Austin Healey, Jaguar, Land Rover, MG, Mini or Triumph. Not only is our website easy to navigate, we feature specials and promotions on our site along with our low prices. We’ve turned our love of British cars into a family parts business so that we can offer the lowest prices with a specialized staff to make every customer a preferred customer!

    To help you with your parts selection, we welcome product reviews so you can exchange information with other British car owners. We even feature a video tutorial posted on YouTube to walk you through the process of writing a product review. Sharing information as a product review, on Twitter, or on Facebook helps us all to keep our rides performance, race or show ready! We also love seeing pictures of your car and announcements about upcoming events.

    At BP Northwest, we stock what we sell. Our goal has always been, and will continue to be in the future, is to provide new parts at reasonable prices with fast, courteous and prompt service to the customer.

    Browse our site and see our offerings, and we always welcome your call to see if we can help you find what you need so you can enjoy your ride!

  • New Website Launched for BP Northwest

    At British Parts Northwest, we view our customers as more than a sale or transaction. We understand the love you have with your British car, and as such, we hope to become part of your extended social network! That’s why we reach out to our customers and any British car enthusiasts with information on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and exchange photos, post upcoming rallies and events, and swap photos and such.

    ZZ3FA4E4EB.jpgIf you aren’t already “friends” with us, join the thousands of others who have and “like” us today! We have posted information about the Triumphest 2012 in Flagstaff, AZ, and other events. And for those of you looking for parts for your classic, we also post unadvertised specials often! So, it’s your chance to network and save some cash at the same time! We also have a customer list to send out specials as well.

    British Parts Northwest started in the 1970s as a small family business, which is what it remains today. The goal of our business has never changed from the onset; we strive to provide new parts for British cars, Triumph, MG, Jaguar and Austin Healey, at reasonable prices with fast, courteous, prompt service to the customer.

    We aren’t a middle man either. Rather, if you see it on our website, we stock it so that we can sell it. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, please call us and we will see if we can help you find what you need. And for a limited time only, get free shipping on all orders over $750.

    Our improved website is geared for easy looking of parts specific to the car you have. In addition, we offer featured products of most commonly sought after or hard to find parts so you can quickly see what we have in stock there as well.

    Happy cruising, racing, or showing!

  • Collection of British Car Repair How To Videos

    Since 1983 British Parts Northwest has been dedicated to providing a wide range of new and used car parts. The way we provide our customers access to our huge catalog of parts has changed over the years, but one thing has remained the same, we offer low prices while maintaining prompt, fast, and courteous service.

    More recently, we've started publishing YouTube videos to demonstrate how to install specific parts on your British car. The response to these videos has been very positive, so for this month's blog post we are going to feature three of our favorite and most popular videos.

    First let's start with our first video that demonstrates how to install a reduction gear starter on a Triumph.

    Next, we'll jump to our most popular video that explains how to install a Monza Exhaust.

    Finally, we are featuring our most recent video in which we show you how to install a carpet kit in a British car.

    We have a very active Facebook community at the official BP Northwest Facebook Page. Join us on Facebook or even Twitter and we'll be happy to help you restore your British car.

  • British Part Specials

    Over the years we, at British Parts Northwest, have been developing new and more reliable ignition products with the TrueSpark Ignition brand.  The latest development with TrueSpark is a high output Sports Coil.


    Sports Coil TrueSpark

    With the TrueSpark brand Sports coil you get the same gold color, same output (40,000 volts) and the same stability at high rpms as other sports coil but at a great price.  This coil is made to work with all Non-Ballasted (12 Volt) British cars, and comes with a new bracket too. Keep your car running strong this summer with solid ignition products from TrueSpark.

    Our second money saver is for the Triumph TR4A, TR250 and TR6.  With our buying power we have secured a great deal on clutch release bearing collars and clutch release bearings.

    Release Bearing and Collar TR4A-TR6

    To pass this along and made it easy on you we have a kit that includes the clutch release bearing, collar and roll pin, all put together.  This saves you time and money. No more worries about bending or breaking your new collar while pressing on your release bearing.

    As always if you have any questions about any of these items or any other items on our web site simple reply to this email and we will get them answered for you.  Also don't forget to check out our new videos on YouTube. Most recently, we've uploaded a video about installing a carpet kit in your British car.

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