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Brake Hose Rear MGC

Part number: GHP3CR

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Brake Hose Rear MGC

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This is a rear Brake Hose for a MGC All Years. Cross Reference PHC141. GBH175 Made in UK, meets or exceeds DOT spec's.

Brake hoses are made of several layers of rubber type material and cord. Each layer will be a different material designed to resist the elements from driving and use. The inner layer is exposed to brake fluid and its job is to keep in there to easily move fluid. The outer layer must resist oil, grease, ozone, road grit and debris. There is a reenforcing cord or other material between these layer which give the hose strength. Brake hose operate at extremely high pressure and failure of a hose, means failure of the brakes and that is not a good thing. Brake hoses deteriorate over time and can fail in a number of different ways. The most common type of failure is deterioration of the outer jacket. Ozone cause the outer lining to oxidize and becomes brittle. Luckily this can be detected by the outer appearance of the brake hose. Rubbing an oxidized hose with your fingers will leave substantial black residue. When the rubber transfers to your finger tips by rubbing the hose, it is time to replace the hose the end is near. Another symptom is small dry rot cracks will be revealed by bending the hose also indicates the need for replacement. Sometimes an inner liner can rupture. This can be caused by pinching the hose with pliers when changing a caliper or wheel cylinder but most of the time is comes from age. When the inner lining is ruptured, the high pressure can cause a bubble or bulge in the outer lining. But most of the time the fluid gets behind a layer of rubber and will show no signs of the damage and will result in brakes that hang up and not release. Brake hoses normally give years of service, but should be carefully inspected at every brake service but with the age of these vehicles they should be done at every oil change.

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