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Bearing Set Bi-Metal Mains 2 Inch 1098 1275

Part number: CB6002

Product Name Price Qty
Bearing Set Bi-Metal Mains STD 2 Inch
Bearing Set Bi-Metal Mains 010 2 Inch
Bearing Set Bi-Metal Mains 020 2 Inch
Bearing Set Bi-Metal Mains 030 2 Inch


  • Austin Mini 1071, 1275 to 1980 

  • Austin America 

  • Austin Healey Sprite 1098 (10CC 2" Mains) 

  • Austin Healey Sprite 1275 

  • MG Midget 1098 (10CC 2" Mains) 

  • MG Midget 1275

Bearing Set Bi-Metal Mains 2 Inch 1098 1275

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This is a set of Main Bearing made in Bi-Metal material for the Austin Healey Sprite 1098 2-Inch Mains (10CC 2" Mains) Austin Healey Sprite 1275, MG Midget 1275 (10CC 2" Mains). If you have a A-Series engine that has a 1098cc engine please double check your crankshaft has is the 2 inch main style. There are many advantages of using the Bi-Metal bearing in street applications. You can be assured we at British Parts Northwest can supply the correct engine bearings to fit your needs and application. 

King Bi-metal Engine Bearings have a homogeneous micro-structure, which guarantees the combination of the following bearing properties: 

  • High Anti-Seizure Capabilities Particularly with cast iron crankshafts. This is provided by silicon particles in the bearing which continuously polish the crankshaft surface and prevent seizure. 
  • Conformability Capabilities Ability to adapt to assembly and misalignment In contrast to Tri-metal bearings with thin overlays, Bi- metal materials are capable of accommodating greater misalignments enables the alloy to conform without compromising strength. 
  • Compatibility Ability to accommodate shaft to bearing contact through thin oil films Silicon particles at the bearing surface polishing agent continuously polish the crankshaft surface crankshaft roughness and adapts to maintain oil film integrity. 
  • Short Term Oil Failure Ability to continue operation during temporary oil film breakdown The tin in the alloy of the bearing provides lubricity and low melting point liquid lubricant to keep the engine. 
  • Anti Wear Resistance to abrasion by crankshaft and debris Reduced wear is achieved by the relatively harder surface of the Aluminum alloy, which is harder than the soft overlay of Tri-Metal bearings. 
  • Embeddability The ability to absorb dirt entrained in the oil without damage to the bearing or shaft The lining of the bearing is thick so it is capable to absorb both small and large particles Since the aluminum alloy is significantly softer than crankshaft material, hard particles will be readily embeded rather than score the shaft. 
  • Good Conformability The ability to accommodate misalignments In contrast to Tri-Metal beaings with thin overlays, bi-metal bearings materials are capable of accommodating greater misalignments. 
  • Anti-Corrosion Ability to withstand chemical attack from degraded or contaminated oil. The Aluminum alloy is virtually impervious to contaminants related to degraded or contaminated lubricating oil which can be caustic
  • Bimetal bearings First main layer have a steel back, which supports the bearing structure. With this backing it provides bearing rigidity under severe conditions.
  • Bimetal bearings Second layer is the bearing lining. It is relatively thick with a thickness of about 0.012". Large thickness of the lining is very important feature of bi-metal bearings. It allows accommodation of great misalignments and other geometry irregularities. It also provides good embedability for both large and small foreign particles.
  • Bimetal bearings Have a lining that is made of an aluminum alloy containing 20% of tin which serves as a solid lubricant and provides anti-friction properties (compatibility, conformability, embedability). Plus 1% Copper added for strength. The two main layers (steel and lining) are bonded to each other by means of a bonding layer of pure aluminum. 
  • High Quality. All of these material add up to a strong, long lasting engine bearing for you British Car.