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Starter, Gear Reduction, 5 Inch Center

Part number: 16121HD

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Fits: Austin Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Triumph TR250, Spitfire and GT6.

Starter, Gear Reduction, 5 Inch Center

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This is a Heavy Duty Gear Reduction Starter for a Austin Healey Sprite, MG Midget, MGA, Spitfire, GT6 and TR250. 100% bolt in comes with instructions. Give up on your battery robbing old starter that you hope will start the car on a hot day and put in a modern starter that draws less amps and works great. LRS102 16121

Includes GRSCK - Gear Reduction Starter Wire Connector Kit.

Advantages of the Gear Reduction Starter

  • Power – Gear reduction starter use up to 50 percent less electrical power to turn over the car’s engine than standard direct drive starters. This means direct drive requires more current from the car’s battery, larger battery cables are needed and other components are designed to handle higher current. 
  • Weight – Gear reduction starters are smaller and lighter than direct drive models. When replacing a direct drive starter with a gear reduction model, there is more space around it, which makes installation easier and may improve heat-resistance of the solenoid. 
  • Maintenance – Gear reduction starters have a higher part count, but their internal wear is often much less compared to the old direct drive starters since they use bearings versus the bushings common in direct drive starters. Worn out bushings are the most common cause of slow cranking of hot engines that use direct drive starters. 
  • Speed In Starting– Gear reduction starters motors turn at a faster speed and use gears to to help with power.  Like using first gear to start our in your car.  Because their torque is higher, they have a faster speed when pistons are at TDC on the compression stroke where it is needed most. This is why they are ideal for high-compression engines.
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