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Ball Joint Upper Set Lucas with Zerk TR4A to TR6

Part number: GSJ131L

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  • Triumph TR4 1964 to 1967 

  • Triumph TR4A 

  • Triumph TR250 

  • Triumph TR6

Ball Joint Upper Set Lucas with Zerk TR4A to TR6

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This is a Upper Ball Joint Set (2) made by Lucas for a Triumph TR4A, TR250 and TR6. Lucas felt there was a need for a quality ball joint in the market that resembled the original style ball joint. This ball joint is made with a high quality steel joint with a hardened seat for a long life and a grease zerk is fitted. With the grease zerk you can insure clean grease will alway be in the joint which increases the life of the joint. Put a quality product on your Triumph TR4A, TR250 and TR6 with this ball joint with a brand name ball joint. Cross Ref.# 109255, 142394, 661-080, QSJ100

The Ball joints on your Triumph TR4A to TR6 are an important component of suspension and steering system. They attach to the suspension upright, which the wheel and tire are mounted to and the rest of the suspension. A Ball Joint is the connection point on your Triumph TR4A to TR6 and needs to be able to rotate left and right for steering and up and down for suspension travel and shock absorption, so it is very important that the ball joints that can move smoothly in all directions. While ball joints last for a long time, they do wear because they are carrying the entire weight of the Triumph TR4A to TR6. A highly polished metal ball rides in a very strong polished metal seat which gives a large range of movement. This area is filled with grease to reduce wear and keep the operation of the ball joint working well. However, if the grease is able to leak out of the ball joint or any dirt and road grime get into the grease, the ball joint will be come worn and damaged. There is a rubber boot over the joint to help keep dirt out, but overtime grit will enter the joint. But if a ball joint boot is torn, dirt will get into the joint and damage will start immediately and the ball joint should be replaced. Alway check your Ball Joints on your Triumph TR4A to TR6 when your are changing the fluids in your car or lubricating other joints, as the Ball Joints are a lube point on most vehicles. Worn ball joints will affect the Triumph's TR4A to TR6 steering. This can happen in a number of different ways, usually making the steering sloppy or very stiff. Excessively worn ball joints can break, causing the suspension to collapse and you can image what would happen next. However, proper inspection and servicing of your Triumph TR4A to TR6 will give you a long ball joint life and any indications that the ball joint is bad long before a failure occurs.